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Hey Fans!!! I wanted to highlight a new story that has been brought to streaming this month! On September 13, 2023 , “The Other Black Girl” premiered on Hulu.

Now, The Other Black Girl is like a thriller/comedy/mystery all wrapped up in one! It is based on a 2021 Novel from Zakiyah Dalila Harris. When the show begins you can see a young Black woman on a train , sort of freaking out, losing her mind while she’s commuting home from her job. It appears to me that she is hallucinating; seeing her hands covered in blood. She lets out a stomach hurling scream , that scream takes us to present day, to the show's main character, Nell sitting on the same train.

Nell is a young Black woman who works as an editor’s assistant at a company called Wagner. Once her commute is over she arrives at the office and stares at the wall of all the Caucasian editors from the 1980’s to the present day. Also on that wall is Kendra Rae Phillips from 1988. Kendra was the same woman from the show’s opening, during the flashback from the past.

It seems Nella is doing well at Wagner, but of course being the ONLY Black woman in an office full of Caucasians usually does come with microaggressions and inconsiderate actions.

All that seems to change when another editor at Wagner hires their newest assistant, Hazel, another young Black woman. Nell and Hazel seem to hit it off very quickly! Nell was very happy , maybe even relieved to have another Black co-worker in the office to share her real feelings and be her authentic self. Cause come on lets be real , you have to put on a mask and be someone other than yourself when you're around people who don’t look like you. They bond over feelings and one of Nell’s favorite books “Burning Heart” by a fictional character Diana Gordon, of whom Nell completely adores. Diana is actually played by Garcelle Beauvais aka “Fancy” from the “ Jamie Foxx Show”.

Could Hazel be too good to be true? Soon after Vera, Nell’s boss, mentions she is recommending Nell for a promotion! Of course because I'm sure Nell does tons of the leg work right? On top of what she has to deal with at work … Vera asks Nell for her opinion on Colin Franklin,’s new book, who happens to be their top-selling author! Nell comes forth honestly letting Vera know that Colin’s book is harmful to people of color , specifically Black people due to the stereotypes. Vera advises Nell to not express that thought at all , and lie to Colin since he basically “keeps the lights on”. Which is something I'm sure we are all familiar with lol . Nell is urged to tell Colin how much she loved his book when he arrives at their announcement party.

The thought of doing this appears to make Nell very uncomfortable so she vents to Hazel about it .

Hazel encourages Nell to be honest about how she actually feels about the book. Stating “if he’s dangerous ,he’s got to hear that”. At the announcement party I'm sure you can guess how it all plays out? Is your guess accurate though? You will indeed be surprised ! I won't spoil how that went ! I want you guys to watch and tell me what you think. I know you’ll come to find that everything isn't what it seems in this series and it will have your mouth open wide, while you're eyes are glued to the tv anticipating what exactly is next ! I also wanted to add how refreshing it is to not only see a Black woman in this kind of story setting, but that she wears her natural hair How many black women wear their afros in corporate America?

How many of you wear your afros, and or natural hair at your corporate job?

  • 0%I'm Blackity Black and I'm Black , yall (yes)

  • 0%Nah, I hate my natural hair!

  • 0%Sometimes , yes, But i love my wigs!

  • 0%I dont have hair, sis!

Currently there is only one season , with 10 episodes! I give it a 10/10 ! Let me know what you guys think!

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