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Hey fans! I’m back to review something I just watched! It may have taken me a little bit longer than the rest of yall, since the movie isn't really new anymore. Today , I’m doing a Reel Review on the movie “Alice” starring our favorite girl , KeKe Palmer. “Alice” premiered at the Sundance Festival January 23, 2022, then was released in the United States , March 18, 2022.

This film is an American thriller set in the 1970’s but Alice is on a 19th century plantation owned by a man named Paul Bennett. KeKe exchanges words with her new husband one night, and they decide they need to run from the plantation. KeKe seems to be hesitant but her new beau is not. They organize a plan to finally leave the plantation.

The next day as KeKe’s character, Alice is reading to Mr. Bennett and his son, her husband tricks Mr. Bennett’s friend and he ends up attacking him. He attacks the man and breaks his arm, then cuts to the forest in front of the house! While he is running, Alice demands he keeps running to try to get away so that at least someone out of the two can make it to some sort of freedom, and or help.

Of course, you know that her little encouragement to her husband was taken as disrespect or being ungrateful , so she was punished. She had to sleep outside attached to a pole with a torture chamber-like metal mask on her face.(which if you know your history even a tad you know exactly the device I’m referring to). The next morning , the maid saw Alice sleeping outside, Mr. Bennett came to “relieve” her of the uncomfortable position she was in, giver her water and probably plead with her to “act right” or “behave”. Alice used that opportunity to bash him directly over the head with the jar of water and try to escape. After the bash didn't knock him out , Paul grabbed Alice’s legs trying to pull her back from escaping, he began to choke her. So… Alice used her resources and stabbed Paul in the eyeball with the broken glass from before, then she TOOK OFF!!

You know I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone! As Black Americans we have seen many slave movies, and I know plenty of us are tired of the “slave” narrative ,but this movie isn't quite what you may initially think. It gives a vibe of “Antebellum” , a thriller starring the lovely Janelle Monae, about a woman who wakes up on a plantation who has to figure out how to save herself and get back to her reality. It also highlights one of the iconic characters from the blaxploitation era ,Ms. Pam Grier played “Coffy”. In 1973 , Pam plays Coffy, a lady avenger who seeks violent vengeance on a heroin dealer in her city who is responsible for the death of her little sister.

In “Alice”, KeKe gives a compelling and captivating performance. I give this movie a 10/10. It’s a tale of triumph, trauma, civil rights, and love for self and your people. I highly encourage anyone who is a fan of KeKe’s, of this genre of movies or just desiring to see this movie, definitely watch this.

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