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Donyale Luna: Supermodel

Hey Fans! I wanted to bring another fairly new story to your attention with my other highlights this week! On September 13 of this year HBO Max premiered the documentary, “Donyale Luna: Supermodel” .

What makes her story so significant is that many people today in the fashion and arts world know NOTHING of her or her art. To be quite honest, I had never heard of Donyale and I would believe, with my interests, that I would have. Anyways , going forward , the story furthermore explains how she rose to fame ,relocated to Europe and became a superstar, but also the reason stardom was cut short for her.

What you can get from her story is almost that of many talented Black Americans since the beginning of time, as well as people who are different in ANY way ! Trying to break your way into industries based on your beauty or talent can really be challenging for many reasons, but a portion of the time it is due to prejudice. It shows how hard this woman worked and her thirst and love for the arts.

Unfortunately , this fame and new life Donyale created for herself also was the life in which she suffered. Fame can bring fake friends, exposure, but also bring out sadness , loneliness and depression. I hope that if stories of Black performers , models, etc interest you , or just classic Black history, you will watch this movie. Donyale passed away May 17, 1979 , and was survived by 2 sisters, a daughter and a husband of whom she met in Italy. In her bit of lifetime she changed the face of modeling . She definitely deserves her flowers! This movie is just beautiful; from how her family and friends spoke of her to the actual footage and pictures we see of her. I give this documentary a 10/10 ! Enjoy and see you guys next time.

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