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The Changeling

Hey fans! I know I missed my reel review for episode 2 of AHS! But I had to do a review on this new amazing series !! Has anyone heard of “The Changeling” on Apple TV?

The Changeling premiered September 8, 2023 on Apple TV . It stars LaKeith Stanfield ( Atlanta, Get Out, Sorry to Bother You) and Clark Backo (LetterKenny, The List, Confession) . This film is also based on a book , “The Changeling” by decorated author , Victor Lavalle.

It tells the story of Apollo Kagwa , a book dealer that lives in NY, who by persistence , eventually gets the woman of his dreams , Emma Valentine . But prior to the start of their romance, Emma takes a solo trip to Brazil where she stumbles upon a local witch. The witch tells Emma to make three wishes while she ties a red string bracelet onto her wrist making three knots . Emma was warned by the locals that the woman is a witch and to not let the lady touch her but , of course Emma does anyway.

The witch advises Emma the bracelet will fall off on its own after the three wishes have come true , but she also warns to not cut the bracelet off. Soon Emma returns to New York , where Apollo is awaiting her arrival and she tells the story of her bracelet. Apollo ignorantly , but lovingly sprung over Emma, cuts the red string bracelet from her wrist. Such action echoes through the spiritual realm. He tells her ,without knowing all her wishes I might add , that he will make ALL of them come true.

Soon, they marry , and soon after that Emma is pregnant with a son. But after the baby , Brian, is born Emma begins to go through rough postpartum. With the loss of sleep , amongst other things , it feels like she's losing her mind. she will soon lose so much more !

From the references to Greek mythology , to postpartum , and how it affects women and their partners , down to the choices our parents make to give us simpler lives , this story bounces from different realms to old folklore , old wives tales and even sheds a light on how social media is a playground for child trafficking ! The mystery , and stories are captivating and definitely will have you on the edge of your seat.

This is also a story of love, motherhood and perseverance. I give the first season a 10/10 and I honestly cannot wait for season two.

The performances from both LaKeith and Clark are astounding and definitely worth the watch. So far I’ve watched the first 6 episodes in season 1! See you guys next time !

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