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Turning Point

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Who would have thought that my very existence would be the hindrance of your life. I love and love and love and you slice at my flesh with your metaphorical knife. I’m standing here with my arms open wide with my flesh hanging and blood dripping but I’m still trying to embrace you through my hurt ,pain, and tears. One minute you worship me, you appreciate the love I give and the next I’m a thorn in your side. I smother you. I keep you from living your life. Your words pierce like hot daggers right through my heart and yet I still keep putting bandages over the wounds and try to love you again. It never fails when anxiety or stress is high I am the target. Am I the fool? How do I let go? How do you stop loving someone who probably doesn’t want to be loved by you? I feel like I’m forcing myself into a space I don’t fit. Like a puzzle piece. Maybe it’s time to call it. Maybe it’s time to step back into my lane and stop trying to be the loving person I am. Maybe I need to stop trying to mesh your life with mine. People always say you can’t force someone to love you but you can’t force someone to accept the love you’re giving either. Maybe this is the turning point for me. I wonder if you’ll even care or notice my absence.

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