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Dear God,

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Today I’m struggling. I’ve been battling keeping my mental at peace but today it’s disturbed. I just don’t understand how I have grown men spreading lies about me. I’m being slut shamed because men have fragile fucking egos. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t bother anyone, I’m respectful, and I keep to myself. Yet because I don’t get in people’s business or start stuff this is the one way to attack me. Because I’m a female it makes it ok for people to spread lies about me and my body. Not that its any of their fucking business. What makes it even worse is I can’t say shit about it. What’s the point of defending myself anyway none of them would believe me. I feel like I’m being raped all over again and I’m struggling. My worst fear is now that this lie is being told and people believe it that they will feel like they can do or say whatever they want to me. I don’t know… this feeling of being victimized all over again sucks.

Why can’t people just leave me alone?

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