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You deserve the world

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

You deserve so much more than I have to offer you. I’ve learned that love just simply isn’t enough. You deserve an equal not an anchor. Someone to support you and carry you through. Someone who loves you but doesn’t need you. You deserve someone with dreams and goals that aren’t foolish. Someone who is mature enough to push you to achieve everything you dream. You deserve someone so much better than the person I thought I was or the person I know I can be. You deserve to not have to baby sit or feel like you’re putting your life on hold. You deserve someone who adds to your life not takes away. You deserve a lover, a friend, a supporter, a companion, a partner, a cheerleader. Someone to build with not someone you have to drag along with you. You deserve someone That can give you the world if you wanted them to. Someone who can do for you what you do for them. You deserve someone that isn’t me.

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