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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Here I was loving you while you were busy loving someone else. I felt like you were taking advantage because I couldn’t let go of you. To me you were perfection but you wanted to be perfect to someone else. I had to watch as he damaged you and I would try to clean the wounds. My mind was just as heavy as my heart but yet I loved you. How could I walk away from such beauty even when in my mind I knew I should have. The constant battle to prove that I’m the one for you even though you couldn’t see me. I felt invisible. All the yelling and fighting. I was fighting for you and you were fighting me. At someone point I got tired and lost my way. The psychological abuse I endured put me in a different mental space. A place I’ve been before. This time I didn’t retreat. I spoke up. I refuse to lose myself again for a person who claims to love themselves. Who claims to love me. I’ve been hurt so many times before but this hurt cut a little different.

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