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What happened?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

What’s different now from so many years before?

What happened to the woman who worked her ass off for everything and never asked anyone for anything?

When did you become so relaxed in everyday life and expect for others to take care of you?

What happened to the woman who could make something out of nothing when she had to?

Since when did you care about Christmas gifts and decorations?

When did you become so soft that you would give anything?

Who is this person that’s pretending to be someone she’s never been?

When times got hard who was the one that carried what?

Suddenly it’s all a fog can’t nothing be done. All you see is sunshine and smiles thinking you’ve won.

But really you’re losing. Losing the person you were.

Now you’re a disappointment to yourself and others.

Give it all up. Take it all back. Whatever you found that made you lose track. Erase it.

Reaching for goals you dreamed of. Setting yourself up to fail. Trying to be happy when you never were happy before.

What happened to you girl?

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