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Subconscious Love

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Your fragrance lingers long after we separate. The smell of you intoxicates me as I remember what you smell like laying next to me. You wrap your arms around me and caress me like a warm blanket. Intertwining your legs with mine. It's as if our bodies are becoming one. I watch the rise and fall of your chest and it's slow and steady like all the stress and anxiety of everyday life vanish for that moment in time. I feel your heart pulsating, memorizing the beat as it pushes blood through your veins. And yet I smell you. The sweet scent of being easily misunderstood, being guarded because y

our love has been taken advantage of. The smell of sacrifice and loss yet the sweet delicate smell of perseverance and longing to be loved in the way you've tried to love others. I smell the sadness and anger from hurt and misunderstandings. Yet that sweet aroma still lingers. That intoxicating smell of love is within you. It may seem strange to watch you sleep but those are the moments when you can You're most vulnerable when you're asleep and to allow someone to be close enough to do anything but trust that they won't is beautiful. Laying next to you I trace the lines on your face. Drawing your eyes and your nose in my brain. Remembering ever mole and ever crease. It's like putting a puzzle together piece by piece. But that's not even the best part as you lay there softly snoring in my ear. The best part is how you pull me near. Somehow no matter what angle we are laying in you find the same spot on my shoulder blade to kiss every time. Without opening your eyes it's like your lips know just where to rest and in those subtle moments I remember why you're the best. See our bonding moments don't always happen when we're away but in those moments when you subconsciously remind me you love me. Those moments give me all the reassurance I need. Thank you my queen for subconsciously loving me.

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