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I’m no veterinarian 

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I don’t know how vets do it with the animals! I love my fur babies but I just tried to cut my dogs nails for the first time and I think I almost dislocated my hip. We were doing good on the first paw I kept giving treats and praises to let her know it was ok and hopefully she couldn’t tell I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was doing. I think I gave it away by paw number 2 cause she wasn’t feeling the treats anymore. By paw number 3 she was like fuck the damn treats I’m out of this piece and I had to drag her back to me. Dragging an 80 pound dog is a fight all by itself! By the 4th paw I was over it and she was over it and she still didnt want any treats. So after 45 mins of going through about 75 emotions and breaking a sweat I’ve busted the splits, dragged a dog by the hind legs, and probably ran out of pupcorn but my dog now has shorter nails and possibly a new fear of getting her nails clipped. The nail clipper package said it would be easy 😒😒😒 I guess I will chalk that up to a fail… pepper 1 aqua 0.

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