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Did I find freedom?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I went on my first trip on a motorcycle with my girlfriend (that’s me on the back). I wasn’t quite sure how I was gonna feel about this new expierence. I mean of course I’ve road around town with her but I’ve never gone a long distance. Let’s talk about how uncomfortable it was sitting on the fender with no seat for hours. I learned a lot about myself. It gave me time to think. My thoughts felt so crystal clear. I learned about 2 hours in that I’m really good at doing this mind over matter thing after the pain kicked in I just had to endure telling myself its only temporary. I wanted to jump off and walk but I couldn’t. Once I got past the physical pain it was all a mental thing. Hearing the wind rush around my head and the music from my ear buds in the back ground my mind started to wander and I got lost in my thoughts. I never felt so free. Free within myself. It felt like the wind was stripping off old band aids, peeling old scars, stripping off old armor and rebuilding something new and improved. No it didn’t make me a new person. I still pulled up the same me but I did have a whole new mindset. Freedom in every sense of the word. I thought of all the things that were holding me back and I let it all go. I felt lighter, happier, more sound minded. Who knew that such a short trip could bring so much brightness into my life. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings.

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