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Dating Jenn pt.8 

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Here I am trapped in this bed wishing I could do more than just run away from it all. Tears are streaming down my face all I can do is run unanswered questions through my mind over and over again. How could I not know my girlfriend was pregnant? That explains why she’s been so moody lately. Not letting me touch her or be near her. Why did she hide it? I remember the time we talked about starting a family she was all for it but insisted that I be the one to carry. What had I missed? I felt so stupid laying here crying for this girl. We had such a beautiful life together I wanted to propose to her on our 3rd anniversary which was actually just a few short weeks away. But now what? The nurse peeps her head around the door and asks if I’m doing ok. I just sniffle not wanting her to see the pain in my eyes. She had no idea that my whole life was laying next door to me hooked up to a bunch of machines. As much as I hated her for putting me through this I loved that girl with my whole heart. I wanted to go be with her. Before I could ask to be wheeled over the nurse steps in a little farther and says,” your baby made it safely out of surgery she’s recovering just fine. Would you like to go up and see her?” I shake my head no because I have too many other things on my mind. Hearing her say my baby sounded so strange. Your baby–your baby– the words melted deep into my soul. “I’m a mother,” I whisper even though no one is there to hear me. I smile to myself liking the way it sounds. The nurse reappears in the doorway and says “She doesn’t she a name yet. What should call her?” I think for a second and smile. “Let’s call her Olivia-Grace for now.”

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