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Dating Jenn pt.7

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Groggy I awaken from a slumber that seems like I’ve been in forever. Looking around trying to figure out what’s going on I’m still a bit fuzzy from all the meds. I try to put my hand on the knife that’s been in my chest but apparently it was removed while I was knocked out. My mouth is so dry I decide to call the nurse for water. Before I can press the button a nurse rushes in. “You’re finally awake Ms. Summer.” I’m staring at her while she’s talking a mile a minute. I clear my throat “could I get some water?” She nods and leaves the room returning moments later with a cup and a water pitcher. ” Ms. Summer I know you just woke up but there’s an urgent matter you must tend to–” she drifts off. “Well??” I ask after draining my water cup. ” Oh yes. A young lady by the name of Jenna Ford was rushed into the emergency room a few hours after you. She was screaming and yelling out for you. Do you know her?” I nod slowly waiting for her to continue. ” She was badly injured it looks like maybe some kind of fight gone wrong. Her injuries were pretty horrible” “Were?” I asked. “Why are you using past tense?” I try to sit up but the sudden pounding from where I hit my head quickly changed my mind. “Jenna–” she trailed off again. “Damn it just say it already! Is she dead or not?” I shout trying to control my temper. “Jenna is in a medically induced coma. Her brain began to swell during her emergency c-section.” “Wait wait… Jenna wasn’t pregnant. She couldn’t be pregnant. She–she’s–” I stop suddenly remember what had caused all this to begin with. “How far along was she?” I’m shaking my head in disbelief. How did this happen? My girlfriend was pregnant by my best friends husband. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. “28 weeks” the nurse answers interrupting my thoughts. By the way she’s looking at me I know I’m crying . As hard as I try to contain the tears they just keep coming. “Where is the baby now?” “Actually that’s why I’m here. The baby was injured during the beating Jenna took. Causing her to need emergency surgery. Jenna insisted if anything happened to her that she wanted you to be legal guardian of her child.” My facial expression must have been one of bewilderment. What am I supposed to do? “So what you need me to sign a form or something for the surgery?” I shoot back a little more hostile than intended. She nods. “Fine do whatever.” I say as I throw the clip board she handed me down and turn away from her signaling I’d like to be alone.

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