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Dating Jenn pt. 6 

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I come to dazed and confused. My vision is blurry my head is pounding. “Where am I?” I whisper my voice is rasp and scratchy. Squinting trying to see around me I see two men I don’t know sitting on both sides of me. I hear a ringing sound and my heart starts to race. Trying to figure out what’s going on I clear my throat and try again “Where am I?” This time I ask louder. One of the men is talking but I can’t hear him. My ears are ringing I can’t hear anything. I lift my hand to feel my head theres a gaping wound on the back I see the blood on my fingers but its not registering what’s happening to me. I lift my other arm and that’s when I notice the IV. Looking around seeing that my vision is getting clearer I notice the oxygen mask on my face. How did I miss that? The panic begins to subside as I realize that I’m in the back of an ambulance. I try to question the men again but my eyes start to get heavy I must drift back into unconsciousness because once again I open my eyes and this time I’m in the emergency room with a nurse by my side. She’s leaning over me peering into my eyes mouthing things that I can’t identify. My ears are still ringing I must have hit my head pretty hard. The only thing I know is when she pointed at my chest I look down and here’s a knife resting right next to my collar bone. I freak. I’m screaming and flailing my arms around tears are pouring out. I can’t hear myself I can’t hear her trying to calm me down. Next thing I know she’s pushing medicine into my IV and knocks me out. I awaken what seems like ages later feeling relaxed. I look down and see the knife still there with bandages wrapped around it but the medicine has me so calm I can’t even freak out about it. Looking around trying to find the call button for my nurse. It’s too far for me to reach. Laying in my dimmly lit room I hear a piercing scream. I didn’t even realize my ears had stopped ringing. That scream was familiar. I’d heard the voice before. I see a team of nurses rush past my door pushing a gurney and laying on it was Jenna. Screaming and crying about saving something all the way down the hall. “Save–Save.” Is all I can make out. I’m trying to understand but the voices are muddled and they’re moving around so fast. I was too sedated to try and call out for a nurse to ask about my girl so I laid there drifting in and out of consciousness listening to my girlfriend scream in the next room. It goes quiet after a while and I hear them say call the time and my eyes once again grow heavy and I drift off before I can hear the end.

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