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Dating Jenn pt.5

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Why is Nae not responding? I call a few times…nothing. By the time I make it back home overwhelmed from what I just discovered I’m ready to take a nap and just forget about it all but sitting in my driveway is Nae’s charger and she’s standing behind her car like she got some things to get off her chest. I pull in next to her and put my car in park. I’m studying her stance and from the way she has her hands on her hips it looks like she’s ready to fight. I get out and look at her. “Where you been I’ve been calling you?” I say walking up to her. The fire in her eyes says she’s ready to explode. “What the hell you doing at my house Jas?” I’m looking confused as to why she’s coming at me when her husband has been sleeping with my girlfriend. “Excuse me?” “How dare you come for me Nae. Here I am trying to come to you as a friend and tell you what I just witnessed and you come at me like it’s my fault?” “How does Andrew even know Jenna? I’ve never even mentioned him to her. Hell she barely knows about you.” Now I’m heated ready to swing. She got my pressure up and it’s hot as hell outside. Too hot to be going back and forth now I’m standing there looking like you gone bust a grape or nah? Suddenly she’s screaming at the top of her lungs and I’m not really understanding what she’s yelling about. The only thing I hear her say is you tried me hoe setting my human up with that dyke! Before I know it she’s drawn a knife on me. In that moment I realize she thinks I set this all up. My best friend has lost her mind. My eyes look like dollar coins they’re so wide. In my mind I’m confused and a little hurt I’ve never heard her talk about lesbians that way. We’ve been friends for over 10 years and not once has she been so insulting about my lifestyle. I’m standing there with my hands up in front of my face pleading for Nae to just hear me out but it seems like she has no understanding. You can see the crazy in her eyes. She lunges for me with the knife and I try to block her from stabbing me. As we fall backwards I must have hit my head on something on the way down because suddenly the whole world is black around me.

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