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Dating Jenn pt.4

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I’m standing in the door way with my jaw resting somewhere by my feet. Trying to piece together what I’m looking at right in front of me. My eyes are seeing but my brain isn’t registering. I’m expecting to see my girlfriend elbow deep in my best friend. Instead I’m looking at my mascualine woman spread eagle on the bed with a man between her legs. “What the fuck Jenna!” I scream feeling the tears stinging my eyes as the fell. I thought she would be cheating on me with a woman but a man? That’s a whole nother ball game especially since she swore she’d never be attracted to the opposite sex. I’m wanting to turn and run but I can’t stop looking at what’s happening right in front of me. This man is in the middle of sliding on a condom and my girl is just laying there like she been taking pipe all her life. I’m so confused. I’m so pissed. “What the fuck Jenna!” Is all I can manage to say again. From the back I can’t recognize the bald head of the male that’s about to dive into my girl but the moment he clinched his ass and whipped his head around I knew it was Andrew. At least I thought it was Andrew until he turned completely around to face me and I saw the mole on the left side of his nose. I’m even more taken aback because it’s Andrew’s twin brother Aaron… I’m just standing there looking wide eyed and confused trying to understand how the hell this came to. When our walks Andrew stark naked and hard as a log. He looks from me to them and back to me then he looks down and covers his junk with his hands. They all look like three deer caught in a headlight and I’m the one driving the car. Seeing that I’ve just walked in on some strange porno flick shit staring my lying ass girlfriend and my best friends husband and his twin. I get dizzy and I feel like I’m about to faint. It’s gettin hot and my heart begins to pound. Nobody is saying anything. Nobody is moving. The whole time I’m looking at Jenna like what have you done. I can feel my heart breaking like it’s being ripped to tiny pieces. Finally someone clears their throat “I-I can explain.” Andrew steps forward but from the piercing look I gave him he knew he shouldn’t go any farther. “What the hell are you doing here Jas?” Jenn says getting up still wearing the same tattered sports bra she always wore. “You need to leave… Now!”There was no trying to explain or trying to make it better. Defeated I turned to leave but not before snapping a picture. After returning to my car I text Renae again… Bitch I got some tea where are you? And I attach the picture.

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