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Dating Jenn pt.3

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I send my best friend a text saying “Nae why you not answering me. I got some tea. Hit me back asap.” Usually when I say I got the tea I get an instant response but this time…nothing. Strange I think to myself. Trying to figure out why Jenn would have her address written down. Jenn doesn’t really know Renae. I only mention her when we’re gonna go hang out. She’s never been over and I’m almost certain they’ve never even met. Nae and I have been friends since high school and when I started dating Jenn she was so happy for me saying I finally was getting the treatment I deserved. When things went south Nae was there for me listening to all my sob stories. More importantly Nae was married to Andrew. So I wasn’t understanding why Jenn would have Nae’s address when they didn’t even know each other and they had nothing in common. Not being able to shake the uneasiness of knowing it was her address I jump in my car and speed over to her place praying the whole way that I was wrong. As I round the corner I’m telling myself this can’t be I have to be wrong. Sure enough sitting right on the corner across the street from Nae’s condo is Jenn’s shiny lime green mustang. I always told her I hated that color but now I’m kind of thankful that it stands out making it easy to spot. My mind is racing a mile a minute as I sit in my car contemplating what I should do next. I take a picture of her car to use as evidence incase she tries to lie. I was gonna just turn around and go home and wait for her but something told me not to. I throw my car in park not even bothering to turn it off and I walk up the stairs to Nae’s door ready to knock but I notice the door is slightly ajar. Slowly I open it peeking around to see if anyone is close by but all I see is articles of clothes one by one leading away from the entrance. First a shirt, then jeans, then a sock, and then another. Once I make it to the plaid boy shorts I know that these are Jenna’s clothes that I’m walking past and fury races through my veins. As I make it to the bedroom door I hear muffled voices followed by a loud moan of pleasure. Squeezing my eyes closed trying to wrap my head around what I’m hearing and trying to prepare myself for what I’m about to walk in on. I’m expecting to see Jenn screwing my best friend but when I count to three and bust through the door what I see is a whole lot more than what I bargained for.

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