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Dating Jenn pt.2

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

“What are you looking at?” She frowns up at me. No good morning no nothing. I miss the days when she used to greet me with a good morning kiss and call me beautiful. “Nothing..” I sigh as I throw my legs over my side of the bed and get up to begin my day. Our usual morning routine involves us getting up and getting ready around one another. Though Jenn never needed make up she lately she had been taken time to put some on before she left every morning. I learned early on not to question her about because that only led to arguing and name calling. I’ve been suspecious of her cheating for quite sometime now and by the way she becomes so hostel when I question her it’s only confirmed my beliefs. I’ve been planning for weeks now to follow her around and see what she does when she’s gone all hours of the day. But what would I do if she found me following her? What would I say? As I step out the shower I didn’t even realize she had left earlier than usual. Drying my hair I picture her with some other woman. Doing all the nice things she once did for me. As I’m straightening up our room I find a crumpled piece of paper which at first glance looks like a receipt from the mini mart up the street but after opening it up I see an address scribbled in the middle. Who’s address is this? I’m thinking as I stare at it trying to figure out why it looks so familiar. I can’t put my finger why I recognize this address but I know I’ve heard it before. I reach over for my phone to call my best friend and I see a few missed texts from Jenn “don’t wait up for me I’ll be home late.” Rolling my eyes because it looks just like the rest of the messages she’s sent through out the week. I call my best friend Renae but she doesn’t answer. I leave a message like usual and tell her to call me back since she hasn’t been answering my calls lately. As I set my phone down and head toward the kitchen to make myself breakfast the address registers that’s Renae’s new address off Broadway…

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