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Dating Jenn pt.15 

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

My head is spinning and I’m not getting the answers I want. I don’t know if I’m more mad that they aren’t the answers I want to hear of if they just aren’t good enough answers. I got one last question and I pray to go she doesn’t lie because there’s only two rounds left and only one of those chambers is empty. I shut my eyes to steady myself before I speak. “Did Andrew sleep with Jenn?” I look her direction waiting for the response knowing if it’s not what I want to hear she’s gotta squeeze that trigger. She shakes her head. “I can’t hear you.” I shoot back at her. She shakes her head again. “Answer me bitch!” I grab her by the hair and point the gun at her face. I’m seeing red now. I haven’t been this mad in along time. Even when Jenn started treating me like trash I didn’t allow her to take me there. “I don’t know!” She screams. I slam her head down on the table pissed because that’s not what I want to hear. “I will get my answers one way or another.” I say pulling out my cell phone. “Call him.” I command as I slide it over to her. She dials his number and after a few minutes of ringing he answers. Staring at me she tells him he should probably come home but before she could give away too much I reach over and in the call. “Now we wait.” I sit across from her with my hands folded. My stomach is turning now. I’m thinking to myself what have I gotten myself into? It’s too late to back down now. I had a feeling that someone wasn’t gonna walk out of here alive today. Somebody was gone start giving me some answers or there was gonna be hell to pay. It felt like we were sitting there for hours when I hear a car pull in. I brace myself behind the front door waiting for whoever it was to come in. I see it’s Andrew as he reaches to put in his door key. It’s about to get real interesting now I smile to myself as he opens the door and there I am.

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