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Dating Jenn pt.14 

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I drag Renae over to the dining room table by her hair making sure she feels the burn when I snatch out a huge chunk. I push her into a chair and tie her legs and one of her arms to it with whatever I can find. I start to empty out the bullets one by one from the chamber leaving just one before I give it a good spin and sit it in front of her. “I bet you think we’re about to play a game of Russian Roulette huh?” I smile at her. “Guess again bitch.” I slam my fist down so hard the windows rattle. I don’t think she understand that once you release my crazy there’s no going back. ” This is how it works” I say sliding the gun closer to her before stepping behind her picking it up and resting it on her lips. ” I’ll ask the questions and if I feel like you’re lying you will take the gun put it in your mouth and squeeze the trigger. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Maybe you won’t.” I smile and step back around her. “I’ll start easy.” I say sitting across from her with my hands folded together. “How does Andrew know Jenn?” I wait for her to answer and I can tell by the furrow in her brow she’s contemplating how to answer. I grow I’m patient. “Hurry up damn it! How does he know her?” I yell. ” they–they workout together.” She blurts out but I know it’s a lie before she even finishes. ” Lie again bitch! Squeeze the trigger.” I slap her. Jenn works out with a personal trainer she went to college with and she has been for the past 6 years so how she thought that lie would slip by me was beyond me.”squeeze it.” I mutter into the side of her face waiting for her to pull the trigger. She clinches her eyes clothes and slowly squeezes. -click-nothing happens. I smile 4 left. “How does Andrew know Jenn?” I ask again this time standing against the wall behind her. “He found her because of you.” She cries. “Remember the nerdy guy from high school who sat behind you in algebra always trying to get your attention. He asked you on dates several times and you shot him down? He has those huge glasses and he wore like the same tube socks every single day.” I stare at her waiting for her to finish. “That was Andrew. He’s been obsessed with you ever since.” She squeezes her eyes clothes as the tears roll down her cheeks. ” how did you marry this guy and not tell me this?” I wait yet again. “We–we fell in love?” Yet another lie. They never even so much as held hands. “Squeeze.” I point at the gun growin bored of this back and forth. She shook her head so in return I gave her a knee shattering kick to the knee with my steel toe boots. She lets out a piercing scream and I tell her to shut up before someone hears her pathetic cries. She whimpers from the pain I’m sure as she lifts the gun yet again to her lips. Squeezing her eyes clothes she pulls the trigger -click- nothing. She sighs. I step toward her “do I need to ask again?” She shakes her head before saying “Andrew and I never actually got married..–” “PULL THE TRIGGER!” I interrupt remember I was the made of honor at her shit show of a wedding. “Wait..wait…” she tried to stop me. ” the marriage was never actually final. He set it up like that with one of his old friends to officiate it and the fake marriage license. He planned it to be close to you. He used me to get to you knowing we were close.” I stare into her eyes for a few minutes before taking a seat again. This is getting so out of hand.

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