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Dating Jenn pt.13

Without even thinking I shift into drive and speed of in the direction of my ex best friend’s house. Renae knew me. She knows all about my violent past all the fights all the arrests. Let’s just say I was a troubled young adult. After going to counseling and anger management I’ve learned to control my rage but at this point in time all those techniques are long gone. Renae had better hope she’s not home for her sake. I picture OG in my mind trying to calm myself down. I can’t chance going to jail but something has to be done. I turn the corner of broadway street and see her car in the drive way. “Dumb Bitch.” I chuckle. ” you change your number but not your address like I wasn’t coming for you.” I park down the street so she doesn’t see my car and I reach in my glove box for the cute little gun I’ve had hidden in there since I got mugged a few years back. I make my way up to her front door with the gone in the waistband of my jeans. The whole way there I’m laughing to myself. I knock twice and wait for someone to answer. A few minutes later Renae comes to the door and when she opens it it looks like she saw a ghost. “Aw what’s wrong you don’t remember me?” I ask before stepping in the door. She backs away from me and I lock the door behind me. “Don’t look scared now hoe. You didn’t look scared when you tried to take my life. We were girls Nae what the fuck happened!” I’m yelling in her face. She doesn’t look so bold without her blade not to mention I’m at least 5 inches taller than her. All she can do is shake her head and mumble words I can understand. “Shut. Up!” I scream. ” in the living room.” I point my gun at her face and motion for her to move. The look in her eyes tells me she’s terrified I almost felt sorry for her but that quickly left my mind. “Sit down!” I motion toward the couch. “You got 5 minutes to tell me what this whole thing is all about before I blow your damn brains out!” I sit across from her with the gun resting on my thigh. I’m past angry at this point. “I–I” she stutters. “Hurry up damnit!” I scream at her. “I don’t know.” She cries. I have this look of bewilderment in my eyes. “You…Don’t..Know? So you just show up at my house and try to kill me because I’m trying to tell you what’s going on between your man and my girl and you don’t fuckin know?” I’m ready to shoot in squeezing the trigger thank god the safety is on but I can’t shoot her ass yet I need answers.”ok. You wanna be clueless.” I say getting up. “Let’s play a game.”

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