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Dating Jenn pt. 12 

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I watch the doors close in front of me not caring whether she lives or dies right now. My heart is hurting but the anger I feel for her is not letting me feel any sympathy for her. I stopped by the nursery to see OG before I left the hospital promising my baby girl I’d be back for her soon enough but right now I had some things to take care of. I stop by the nurses station and tell them that I am OG’s mother and I don’t want anyone other than myself or the nurses to have any contact with her. I wasn’t sure if they saved Jenna or not but incase they did I meant what I said she would never see my baby girl again. Frustrated I walk to the parking lot to pull off in my car. I had forgotten I took an ambulance to the hospital after searching the parking lot for at least 15 minutes for my car. I called a cab to take me home. The whole cab ride home I was planning my revenge because Renae didn’t even understand what monster she had just created she had better hope when I came for her head she wasn’t anywhere to be found. The cab driver kept trying to make small talk but I was deep in my on thoughts to conversate with him. Once the cab pulled up in front of my house what I saw looked like a crime scene. There was blood everywhere and the back of my car had been destroyed. Trying to push through the anger I exam the back of my Jag. I’d have to worry about that later because right now I had to get to Renae and Andrew. I head inside to take a shower but once I open the door it looks like someone had already been in my house. My furniture was upside down, my dishes were broke, all my clothes were all over the place. My room looked like a tornado had been through. “What the hell…” I say as I look around seeing my broken mirrors. Something was going on more than what Jenn was telling me. I didn’t even feel like fooling with it so I threw on a change of clothes and I left. Sitting in my car I try calling Renae one last time to give her a chance to explain herself before I went to give her an ass whooping that was long overdue. I’m looking at my phone waiting for it to ring when suddenly it says “the number you are trying to reach is no longer available…” I hit the end button and look at the black screen… “What’s really going on?” I say out loud.

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