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Dating Jenn pt.11

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I want nothing more than to scream. This is crazy. Jenn must think I’m some kind of idiot and that she can just play me. Even though Renae stabbed me I want nothing more than to call my best friend but she hasn’t even came to see about me. “Ms.Summers?” The nurse pops her head in. ” You have a visitor.” Who could it be I wonder. She opens the door and rolls in a baby bed. Baby OG is probably the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. Instantly the tears start. I’m gettin tired of all this damn crying. The nurse picks her up and places her in my arms other. Other than the bandage over her belly button covering her stitches she was perfect. I look down into piercing grey eyes and I see this baby girl who now belongs to me. I can’t help but to cry as I hold her. The nurse hands me a bottle and she leaves us alone. The first bonding moment we’ve had and it feels like this is exactly what I’ve needed all along. “Hi beautiful.” I whisper as she just stares at me with those eyes. I can’t believe I love this little girl already. We must have fallen asleep together because I open my eyes to the nurse putting OG back in her bed and preparing to wheel her away. “Where are you taking her?” I ask sleep still heavy in my voice. ” Back to the nursery. It’s time for you to go home.” Home… I’d almost forgot “When does she get to leave?” I asked. “In a couple weeks if she gains weight and continues to progress the way she is.” The nurse turns and leaves and I’m left wondering what am I gonna do once I walk out this place. My life is a mess. My girlfriend is barely hanging on my best friend has gone rogue I have no other friends or family in the state of Oklahoma. “What am I gonna do?” I say to myself as I try to get dressed to be discharged. Before I leave I go over to Jenn’s room. “I’m being discharged Jenn.” I say not even caring that she’s asleep. Seeing her laying there hooked up to all these machines I wonder if she will ever come home. “Jenn… I honestly don’t know if I believe you. I don’t know if want to even be with you anymore. These past year has been rough and to come to all this I think I’m just done.” She stares at me for a moment before taking a deep breath,” you’re just gonna leave me Jas? What about the baby? I haven’t even gotten to see her. I don’t even know her name. We were supposed to be a family. How can you do this to me?” “Are you really saying this to me Jenn? This is your fault! You did all this yourself. Don’t you worry about my daughter you will never see her again. You signed the papers giving her over to me you probably won’t ever leave this bed and I’m not gonna be stuck up here everyday worrying about you. I love you and I always thought you loved me but you’ve played me for the last time. If you love me then let me be. I’m not coming back so this will be the last time you see me. Take care Jenn.” As I turn to walk out she’s screaming and crying for me to stay her heartbeat is speeding up and the nurses rush in to try to calm her down. Before I make it to the elevator I hear her machine flatline. I step on to the elevator with tears in my eyes.

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