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Dating Jenn pt.10

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

It seems like I just stared at her for ages. Nothing but silence surrounded us. Question after question going through my mind. But all I could feel was anger. “What do you mean blackmail Jenn?” “How do you even know Andrew? How could you do this to me?” My face fells like it’s on fire and I swear if we weren’t in the location we were in I’d kill this girl with my bare hands. “Calm down Jas let me explain.” She says but the fact that she sounds so calm and relaxed makes me even more mad. ” Say what you gotta say Jenn. You bout to piss me off.” I roll my eyes and wait for her to finish but she takes her time before she continues. ” I never intended for it to be like this Jas. I swear the baby was supposed be a surprise I was gonna tell you as soon as I found out what she was. I remember the conversation we had about having a family and I remember how pissed you were when I said I wouldn’t carry. I was trying to do something for once to make you happy because since we had that fight it’s like we’ve been nothing but enemies. I went through IVF that’s why I started working long hours to save up for the treatment and I bought anonymous sperm from a sperm bank. I wasn’t having sex with no men Jas I swear to you I wasn’t…” I’m just staring at her not knowing how to feel. “So why was you about let Andrew and his brother take you down Jenn!” She lets out a slow sigh ” Andrew was the Sperm donor. That’s how we met. But when we met I didn’t know the ivf treatment took and I didn’t know that he was married to your best friend and once I found out I told him I couldn’t keep the baby. I wasn’t comfortable carrying the child of my girl’s best friend’s husband and he wasn’t trying to hear that. He has some strange fantasy that I as gonna join them like sister wives or something.” She shaking her head and tears are just falling. I can see the pain in her eyes but I don’t know if I’m believing her story. “What does that have to do with blackmail Jenn? If you were already pregnant why still have sex with them?” I had questions ready waiting for answers and she just stared at me looking defeated but trying her best to answer. “I never had sex with them before the day you walked in. Once I explained to him a few times how I couldn’t keep the baby he said he understood but if I was going to abort his child he was gonna pay and the only way I could have the money was to let his brother smash. My entire savings went on this treatment I didn’t have money to have an abortion. I didn’t want to do it but then he threatened to tell you and Renae that I had come on to him and we had a thing.” She beg and pleading from her hospital bed but all this she’s saying is too much and I need to lay back down and absorb the things she’s said. I turn away from her “Nurse!” I yell and once she appears “Please take me back to my room.” I leave without saying another word to Jenn.

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