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Can I lay next to you?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Can I lay next to you? I don’t mean where we talk for hours upon hours. Although that would be nice to feel our fingers entwine as we take turns sharing stories about our lives. But no.

Can I lay next to you? I don’t mean when we awkwardly lay on top of each other and our fingers are going numb because the circulation is being cut off. I mean who said cuddling was cute anyway?

Can I lay next to you? And just feel you near me? Skin to skin. No words just warmth. Letting the love radiate between us like body heat.

Can I lay next to you? And just listen to the sound of your shallow breathing against my neck. Hear your quiet heartbeat with my ear pressed against your chest. Feel the rise and fall of your rib cage from each breath.

Can I lay next you? And we be completely quiet and just enjoy the presence of love. No words have to be exchanged just feeling the chemistry between us is saying enough. I don’t want to worry about what to say. I’m not even sure I know what I want to hear. But.

Can I lay next to you? And just…feel.

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