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When riding motorcycles and living this lifestyle we choose, we get the gumption to do what we want and forget about protection. I learned very early I’m still human and just because I’m not scared to straddle my motorcycle, doesn’t mean harm in other forms won’t come my way. I check disrespectful situations and keep it moving, I stay out of the girly gossip and I keep my kitty to myself in order to lessen the bullshit that comes along with those things.

One of the many reasons I ride with whom I ride is when I go on a solo or all female runs, whether I know it or not, there is always a call ahead. Another reason is any state I ride through, there is always someone who lives within hours of where I might be. A motorcycle doesn’t equate to masculine strength, but having resources at our fingertips when we may need them are powerful.

Everyone isn’t raised in the life, so building a network of protection is paramount for us. Whether you are apart of a club or not, having a strong network of bikers & non-bikers is key when you travel. Anywhere I go, there are a group of approximately 10 people who receive a Glympse of my location. They contact me when I’ve stopped too long and can contact anyone for me if I have issues. They are trusted individuals inside/outside of my club including my family. My “eyes in the sky” provide me with a layer of protection I need on the roads and I won’t go anywhere with them watching me. Over the last 6 years I have ensured I’m LinkedIn to a network that I didn’t create through my kitty or petty gossip.

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