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Anxiety why do you hate me?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Anxious…that’s how I’ve been feeling. Rubbing my finger tips together. Mind going 1000 miles a minute. Tears roll down my face as this demon cloud of thoughts penetrates my mind. How do I stop it? I know nothing that’s going through my mind is true. Yet, here I am. Lost in emotion. Confused. Baffled at how I can let some nonexistent force bring me down. Why? Why do you have to come so suddenly so random? I’m never prepared but you always come full force out of no where. One minute I’m fine the next waterworks. It’s like a broken record. One endless cycle that I’m sick of. How do I break up with you? All the self doubt you bring. The doubt you bring for others. The lies you tell me. How do I shut you out of my life? Why do you hate me anxiety?

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