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Dallas Royal Runway Fashion Show

Dallas Royal Runway Fashion Show

Tune in for live coverage of the Dallas Royal Fashion Show Are you ready to witness the fashion event of the season that will leave you breathless and in awe? It's time to strut your stuff, turn heads, and make a statement like never before! Welcome to the most glamorous and thrilling event of the year, the 1ST ANNUAL DALLAS ROYAL RUNWAY! BE THERE WHEN FAHSION ROYALTY IS CROWNED! DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Prepare to be dazzled by an array of themed collections from some of the hottest and most creative designers. It's a runway like no other, where innovation meets style, and elegance meets boldness. THE GRAND SHOWDOWN: Watch as three up-and-coming designers battle for the coveted title of the "ROYAL KING/QUEEN OF FASHION." Not only that, but the model selected by the vote of the audience will be given the title of "DALLAS TOP MODEL." Witness their masterpieces come to life, each collection telling a unique story of inspiration. GLAMOUR & GLITZ: Prepare to be wowed by shimmering gowns, cutting-edge designs, and breathtaking ensembles. The DALLAS ROYAL RUNWAY is where fashion dreams come true. WHAT WILL THE WINNERS RECEIVE? The winners will receive an exclusive interview with the prestigious WHAT'S UP DALLAS Magazine, where they will share their journey, inspirations and successes with the world. Not only that, but the TOP MODEL of the winning collection will also get their big break with a signed contract from any of the top 17 modeling agencies connected with BY: JAE ANGELO. This is a ticket to stardom like no other!

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