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Who Are We

About The MTS Network

The MTS Network is your gateway to a world of independent filmmaking and entertainment. 🎥🍿

🌟 Our Mission: We're here to amplify the voices of independent filmmakers, celebrate their unique visions, and connect them with a vibrant community of film enthusiasts and industry professionals.

🎬 What We Offer: On our platform, you'll discover a curated selection of independent projects, exclusive interviews with filmmakers, and a supportive network of fellow movie lovers.

📣 Why We Do It: We believe that every filmmaker, regardless of their budget or background, deserves a platform to showcase their talent and creativity.

🤝 Join Our Community: Whether you're a filmmaker looking to share your work, a film enthusiast eager to explore new cinematic gems, or an industry professional seeking fresh talent, The MTS Network is the place to be.

Welcome to a world of independent film excellence. 🌠 #TheMTSNetwork #IndieFilmCommunity

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About Halloween Horror Fest

The Halloween Horror Fest is our spine-tingling celebration of all things horror and thriller! 🎃👻

Every October, we curate a ghoulishly good selection of the scariest, most bone-chilling films to get you in the Halloween spirit. 🌕💀

From classic horror to modern thrillers, our fest is a month-long journey into the dark and the macabre. 🌑🕷️

Join us as we celebrate the art of horror filmmaking and let these tales of terror haunt your dreams. 🎥😱

Stay tuned for our film lineup, spooky events, and eerie surprises! Dare to scare with us this Halloween. 🌙🔪

#HalloweenHorrorFest #SpookySeason #ScaryMovies

What We Are Looking For

 We are in search of the darkest, creepiest, and most spine-chilling horror and thriller films out there. Here's what we're looking for:


  • Terrifying Tales: Films that can make our audience jump out of their seats or leave them with goosebumps. 

  • Originality: Unique and innovative storytelling that sets your film apart from the rest.

  •  Cinematic Mastery: Exceptional cinematography, sound design, and overall production quality.

  • Frightening Performances: Outstanding performances by actors who can bring terror to life.

  • Genre Diversity: From psychological horror to supernatural thrillers, we welcome a wide range of horror sub-genres.

  • Short and Feature Films: Whether it's a bite-sized fright or a full-length nightmare, we're open to both short films and feature-length horrors.

  • Emerging Talent: We encourage submissions from emerging filmmakers who are ready to make their mark in the horror genre.

  • International Scares: Horror knows no borders. We invite submissions from all corners of the world.

If your film can send shivers down spines and make hearts race, it's exactly what we're looking for. Submit your horror masterpiece and let the screams begin!

Why Submit

    👻 Submit to Halloween Horror Fest - Where Nightmares Come to Life! 👻

    Calling all fearless filmmakers of the macabre, masters of the eerie, and purveyors of fear! Here's why you should submit your horror and thriller films to our spine-tingling Halloween Horror Fest:


  • Exposure to a Frighteningly Large Audience: Our fest attracts horror enthusiasts from across the globe. Get your film in front of a dedicated and passionate audience ready to be terrified.    

  • Scream-Worthy Prizes: Win chillingly cool prizes that every horror filmmaker dreams of. From awards and accolades to coveted horror film memorabilia, the stakes are high!

  • Eternal Horror Fame: Your film will haunt the screens of our fest, and potentially beyond. Build your reputation in the horror genre and join the ranks of iconic horror filmmakers.

  • Networking in the Dark: Connect with fellow horror aficionados, filmmakers, and industry professionals. Share your spine-chilling experiences and collaborate on future projects.

  • The Thrill of the Scare: There's no better place for your horror masterpiece than a fest dedicated to the art of fear. Let your work shine in the company of like-minded creators.

  • Frighteningly Fun Events: Dive into the eerie atmosphere of our fest with horror-themed events, discussions, and exclusive content. It's a month of spooks and scares you won't want to miss.

   Submit your film, and let's make this Halloween one to remember... or maybe to forget! 🎃🎬👁‍🗨

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