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Creator Showdown Film Contest

The primary goal of the Creator Showdown Film Contest is to provide a platform for filmmakers and content creators to demonstrate their filmmaking skills, creativity, and storytelling abilities. It allows participants to create and showcase short films, engage their audiences, and potentially gain recognition and rewards for their work.

How the Contest Goes

Key Elements:

  1. Filmmakers: The contest invites filmmakers, both amateur and professional, to participate. Participants can come from various backgrounds, including independent filmmaking, student filmmakers, or those working in the film industry.

  2. Film Categories: The contest typically features different film categories or genres, such as drama, comedy, sci-fi, horror, documentary, animation, and more. This diversity encourages filmmakers to explore different storytelling styles and genres. You will have to check the current contest to see what genres are accepting submissions.

  3. Film Submissions: Filmmakers submit their films within a specified time frame.

Judging and Prizes:

  1. Once the viewing period begins. Films are judged based off of views. Views have to be more than half of the film for it to count. The total number of views will be counted as points.

  2. If the viewer has subscribed to The MTS Network they will have the ability to comment on the films. Comments add 10 additional points at the end of the contest.

  3. Prizes and rewards may include cash prizes, filmmaking equipment, distribution opportunities, recognition, Exclusive Interviews, Swag, Nomination for Texas Oscars, and the title of "Creator Showdown Film Contest Winner."

Promotion and Community Building:

  1. The contest is promoted through various channels, including social media, film festivals, and industry partnerships, to attract filmmakers and a wider audience.

  2. It encourages networking and collaboration within the filmmaking community, potentially leading to future projects and partnerships.

  3. Filmmakers are encouraged to invite their audience to view their film during the contest.

Viewership and Audience Interaction:

  1. Viewers play an essential role in supporting the contest by watching and engaging with the submitted films.

  2. Audience engagement can include voting by viewership for their favorite films, leaving comments, and participating in discussions about the films.

Current Contest 

Submit your film, Get the most views, win the prize!


Contest Schedule

Jan 2 -Jan 16 Submissions

Jan 30 - Feb 6 Viewing

feb 13 Winners Announced

Submission Categories




1st place Winner of each category receives :
Nomination in end of the year awards
Exclusive Interview

*Top 5 per category will be placed for awards nomination.

How To Submit:

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